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Our company

INGENIARE PROJECTS is a consulting engineering firm founded in Colombia in the city of Palmira (Valle), initially under the name Systems Consulting and Services Ltda (SAS Ltda). In 2014 decided to renew its image and become INGENIARE PROJECTS S.A.S. We have been dedicated to provide consulting services nationwide since 1991.

Our main areas of service are: design and technical supervision in different branches of engineering. And we also have made civil construction and electrical installations of networks of low and medium voltage.


Our human group is integrated by specialists, engineers and technicians to address multidisciplinary projects. In addition, project management is done based on the techniques established by the PMI.

Contribute to the growth of our customers by developing solutions to their engineering needs in an effective, timely and competitive manner, through a professional and competent human resource committed to our service quality.

We are certified by ICONTEC according to ISO 9001:2008, for the following activities:
• Consulting services in studies and design for civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.
• Consulting services in construction supervision for civil engineering projects and of
industrial electrical installations up to level tension I (up to 1kV).

Civil Engineering

Design and technical supervision for:
  • Steel and concrete structures.
  • Structural reinforcement according to NSR-10.
  • Water distribution networks and sewage.
  • Channels and drainage networks.
  • Structural components for fire networks.
    • Vehicular and pedestrian bridges.
    • Rigid and flexible pavements.
    • Structure for tanks according to NFPA 30 y API.
    • Heavy rotating equipment foundations
    • Buildings and warehouses according to GMP.
Electrical Engineering

Design and technical supervision for:
  • Explosion proof installations.
  • Busway and wirings
  • Lighting protection systems.
  • Monitoring system by CCTV.
  • Barbus construction.
  • Construction for MV lines.
  • Substations and medium voltage panels.
  • Intelligent ECR.
  • Instrumentation and control.
  • Construction of grounding grids.
  • Classified electrical installations.
Mechanical Engineering:

  • Design and technical supervision for:
  • Manufacture of tanks in accordance with ASME and API codes.
  • Manufacture of reactors in accordance with ASME and SPVC codes.
  • Equipment for sugar industry.
  • Flexibility studies in piping networks
  • CFD Analysis for ventilation systems
  • Fire networks.
  • Towers and cooling systems.
  • Pneumatic conveying systems.